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Black Silver Plaid


Brown Deerskin


Greige Leopard Sequins


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Bluefish 2 Eye Linen Oat


Linen Pink Madras


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Navy Seersucker


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Doctors Choice, Bahama 2 Eye by Sperry


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Sperry Top Sider Bluefish 2 Eye Shoes - Linen Mesh


Sperry Top-Sider Bluefish 2-Eye are stylish boat shoes which will add more appeal to your personality. These shoes are the amazing and eye-catching combination with the casual outfit. They have been made from the premium quality materials which are durable, long lasting and comfortable to wear. They have the special outsole which provides grip on various terrains. The upper is made from the premium leather which is water resistant. The original hand sewn construction of these shoes makes them very comfortable and durable. The upper has the 360 degrees lacing system along with the two eyelets and it allows you to get secure, comfortable and personalized fit. The interior is lined with the super soft material which wicks away the moisture and maintain fresh, healthy and odorless wearing. The interior has the cushioning system of the P-1 Softdeck which makes them surface under your feet ultra-comfortable and shocks absorbing to reduce the fatigue and enhance the comfort. The strobel construction of these shoes makes them lightweight and flexible. The tongue and quarter panels are made from the nylon mesh which is breathable and lightweight. The outsole is made from the rubber which is flexible and durable. The outsole has the water channeling grooves and it also features siping which provides grip on multiple wet and dry surfaces. It weighs 11 ounces as per size 9.5. You can find this style in these colors: Navy Seersucker Plaid/ Tan, Tan, Seersucker/ Sky Blue, Platinum, Plaid/ Olive, Plaid/ Navy, Navy Deerskin, Oat/ Linen, Coral Seersucker Plaid/ Linen, Linen Mesh, Silver/ Light Grey Nubuck, Leopard Sequins/ Greige, Brown Deerskin, Silver Plaid/ Black and Black.




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CJ the Volunteer from San Diego, CA

I had to walk around house in shoes a couple days before my feet settled into position. Now they are great and are a great alternative to wearing tennis shoes all the time. They went great with all my knackis. Yes, I am one of those beige ladies. I have trouble keeping laces tied. Is there a secret to tying with leather shoelaces? They are fashionable though!

Andy from Port St. Lucie, FL

My first pair and will not be my last. Although they felt a little wide in the heel, if you tie them tight enough, they fit true to size. I love the fact that you can just slip these on and go. They are very well padded and perfect for running around or travel.

Maria from Aberdeen, MD

These shoes are great for everyday where, especially when I'm out-and-about a lot. They are cushioned for a comfortable fit, they were available in wide to better fit my own foot, they are stylish, and they are overall good quality shoes. The laces are a bit stiff to tie, but they do not come undone at all throughout the day. Great purchase!

Sue from Indiana

I wear these to work in a casual environment where I do about a mile of walking per day in the office and on the factory floor. Good, comfortable, casual shoes. I have high arches and these provide good support and reasonable style in a closed toe summer shoe.

Francis from California

I love these, as we used to call them, & wear them all the time, but recently there's been an odd inconsistency in sizing and finish. Is the blue topsider supposed to be "distressed?" Because it sure as heck looks like it - the new ones I received were faded in parts as if if they had been run through a washing machine a few times. There's also a size issue: in this item, sizes feel inconsistent. I've ordered four pairs in the past couple years, and size 11 fits half the time, in the other half they're tight, a bit too small. Sure I could order them a half size larger, but loose sneakers can cause blisters if you're moving around a lot, as I tend to do. In short: a great footwear and not a bad deal, but advertising and photos should reflect the faded, distressed dark blue item I received. And let's get the sizes right - what's up with that, Sperry? it's a good all-around day shoe for active people.

Wayne from Baja California, Mexico

I just got them in and expected them to have a fit similar to the narrow Authentic Originals, but these fit just like normal shoes for the fat footed masses. I'd hate to see how the normal size 13 fits if these 13 narrow size S are so spacious. I suppose it's not the width so much as it is the height. I'm wearing them now with two pairs of socks and a store bought insert with the laces tied tight and only now do they fit height wise, at the expense of my big toes which are crammed in the toe. The canvas pops a I walks too. That's probably just because they need "breaking in". I don't know how narrow or flat your feet are, but these don't fit mine very well.


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